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Reservoir Characterization of Deep Water Systems - Impact from Exploration to Production

October 11 — October 13



This course examines the aspects of deep water reservoir models critical to exploration and production.   Participants will learn how to interpret and map environments of deposition (EoD’s) in deep water systems and understand how the different EoD’s and sub-EoD’s behave as reservoirs. Engineering data is integrated with the EoD interpretations to improve predictions of reservoir performance.  Examples and exercises link 1-D core information to well-logs and seismic data in order to create 3-D views of the reservoir-scale depositional systems.  The class discusses the evolution of concepts in deep water models, emphasizing recent approaches that integrate experimental and numerical models, quaternary analogues, and ultra-high resolution data. The improved understanding of the depositional system has led to better description and prediction of deep water reservoirs at both exploration and production scales.


Designed for:

Geologists, Geophysicists, and Petroleum Engineers working on the exploration or development of deep water reservoirs.


You will learn:

  • Interpretation and mapping techniques for cores, well-logs, and seismic lines in DW settings at both Exploration and Production scales
  • To identify different styles of DW stratigraphic traps
  • To interpret EoD’s in different DW settings and map reservoir fairways
  • To perform reservoir presence risking and pre-drill prediction in different DW settings
  • To recognize the different EoD’s and sub-EoD’s in seismic, well logs, cores, and outcrops
  • How to use core information for EoD intepretation
  • How to evaluate reservoir geometry and connectivity in different EoD’s and sub-EoD’s, integrating with production data


Course content: 

  • Sequence stratigraphy – exploring for DW reservoirs
  • Depositional models – DW reservoir characterization and impact on production
  • DW sedimentary processes – impact on reservoir properties
  • Sand-rich fan systems – basin floor fans, mini-basins, and slope aprons
  • Sand-poor fan systems – channel-levee systems
  • Channelized systems – meandering, sand-rich channels
  • Debris flow, slumps and slides – from reservoirs to seals
  • Pre-drill reservoir prediction and risking
  • EoD’s, sub-EoD’s and facies mapping
  • Reservoir mapping for development


Registration now open online

£750 Member   /   £800 Non Member

Registration fee includes lunch, refreshments and course manual.Tickets will be issued on a first come first served basis.

Combine this course with ‘Sequence Stratigraphy For Petroleum Exploration’ for a 12% discount! To register please call 0207 408 2000

By booking a place on this course you agreeing to the event terms and conditions which can be found here


Combine and Save!

Combine this course with ‘Sequence Stratigraphy For Petroleum Exploration’ for a 12% discount! To register please call 0207 408 2000

Members £1,000 / non-members £1,200



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